This evening we had the pleasure of chatting with one of our movie heroes, the great Wesley Snipes. He’s appearing alongside Eddie Murphy in the Netflix film Dolemite is My Name and this evening the film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

We were there to catch the stars as they arrived and you can see our interviews in full from the red carpet in the next day or so. While chatting with both Murphy and Snipes, we couldn’t resist asking them about the Coming to America sequel as they re-team up with Craig Brewer who helms Dolemite is My Name.

During our interview with Snipes, he told us that he plays the baddie of Coming 2 America

“I’ll be playing the bad guy. He’s not really a bad guy, he’s just a misunderstood guy. His name is General Eazie, and he is the General who is next door to him. They’re trying to work it out so that the two kingdoms can come together. It would be better for everyone if the kingdoms can come together. If they don’t come together i think there is going to be some sadness all around there. Some people are not going to be too happy.”

So there we have it, a little insight into the story-line for Coming to America 2 which is due for release December 2020.