It has been quite the cinematic baptism of fire for director Wes Ball. Following his varied work behind the scenes his excellent short film Ruin (which can be seen here) saw that he was chosen to bring James Dashner’s acclaimed YA novel series The Maze Runner to the big screen.

In a world of Hunger Games and the Divergent series, the impetus to get these films (and their precious franchises) right is considerable. That the first Maze Runner film was able to stand with other studio mega-franchises is testament to Wes Ball’s dedication to make the best of the source material.

We’ve interviewed Ball a number of times over the last few years, including on a visit to the first film’s set, and always found him to be considered and humble, useful traits when you’ve got a set of fans eagerly awaiting your every move.

Here he talks about the process of adapting the series, taking material from the third book for The Scorch Trials, and looking ahead to the third film.

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Here’s the interview,