April 8th 2010 is the twentieth anniversary of the Twin Peaks TV series first airing on television and we at HeyUGuys would like to celebrate this with a selection of Twin Peaks posts. Hopefully you are a fan already and if not we will try our hardest to convert you. Also, today sees the release of the Definitive Gold Box Edition of the series on DVD in the UK.

Twin Peaks was a series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost which after finishing it’s 30 episode run was followed with a prequel film entitled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. It began by focusing on the murder of a popular local high student named Laura Palmer, who is found dead, wrapped in plastic. The investigation into her murder is led by out of town FBI investigator Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan. What could have been a simple whodunnit is so much more in the hands of Lynch and his collaborators who take the series in strange and fantastic directions.

The series is filled with intrigue, horror and comedy. Upon recently rewatching I was reminded of how enjoyable the series is and even considering the more strange and creepy elements at the series’ core is a collection of characters who you really want to spend more time with.

Look out for more posts here on HeyUGuys in the next few weeks about Twin Peaks and if you’ve never checked the series out there is no better time.

We’d also love to hear whether you’ve seen the series and if you have, any particular memories you have or thoughts on the show. Also, let us know if you haven’t seen it and if any of the posts have helped encourage you to check it out.

The box set is is released on today and can be ordered on Amazon from here at about £20 off the RRP.