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Chalk this one up a bit of a supercut curio.

Apparently this video is the result of two years from the people at StooTV who took on the task of compiling a shot for shot remake of the classic opening scene of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark from thirty-one separate adventure films from Hollywood’s past.

Top marks if you can name all the films on show here and though there are a few recognisable faces on show most of them are a mystery to me. Thankfully the uploaders promise a comprehensive list of the films featured here.

It’s no surprise that a video like this is possible given the nostalgia inherent in the Indiana Jones films but it is still an impressive feat. Throw in a few shots from an episode of the X-Files and perhaps the Crystal Skull will be next?

Here’s the video,

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This came from the vertiable whirlygig of interest that is Metafilter.