This year’s New York Comic Con wasn’t exactly packed full of major reveals (though we did at least get some cool news on Daredevil and Jessica Jones), but two downright awesome new trailers have now been released for the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash.

Arrow’s is mostly made up of footage we’ve seen in the past, though there are some very cool shots of the resurrected Sara Lance suited up as The Canary alonside her sister Laurel (Black Canary) and Thea Queen (Speedy). There’s also an extremely tense moment which sees the villainous Damien Darhk come close to unmasking Star City’s new Green Arrow!

However, it’s The Flash’s trailer which is most worth getting excited about. As well as a look at the Earth-2 villains who will plague the Scarlet Speedster in season two of the hit series, we finally get to see and hear Zoom in action. The preview confirms that he not only stole Jay Garrick’s speed, but that he intends to take out Barry Allen once and for all as well.

Both Arrow’s fourth season and The Flash’s second are looking great, but if you’re still not convinced that they’re worth checking out when they return to Sky 1 this week, then be sure to check out our look at what makes them both must-watch television by clicking here.