Rose Dewitt, TitanicAs we all know, Kate Winslet was an excellent choice to play Rose Dewitt in the 11 Oscar winning epic, Titanic. After seeing her performance, there’s no-one else that we could ever imagine in the role but wouldn’t it be nice to see what made James Cameron, Director of the movie choose her in the first place….

This video (which comes courtesy of Yahoo), shot in 1996 when Kate was only 19, shows and explains why and how Cameron knew she was perfect for the role. It shows Kate’s original screen test (in full costume!) acting alongside Jeremy Sisto. According to some sources, 20th Century Fox originally wanted Jeremy to perform the part of Jack Dawson, however James Cameron fought for Leonardo DiCaprio who, as with Winslet, ended up being the only person who could play the ‘Dawson’ that we now know and love!

Titanic was released on Blu-ray earlier this week and is definitely worth a look!