I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet at the moment in that I can’t wait to see The Karate Kid remake, The A-Team movie and Jonah Hex. All 3 of them are out in the US within the next 7 days but we’re having to wait 6 weeks for the first two and 3 months for Jonah Hex.I know it’s probably all to do with the World Cup but surely we’ll still find time to be going to the cinema during the next month that it’s on?!

Anyway, I’ll try and push past my annoyance and embrace this new featurette that Yahoo have brought out which follows James Horner as he composes and scores the Karate Kid. Horner recently scored James Cameron’s Avatar and his previous work includes Braveheart, Titanic A Beautiful Mind and loads more so he’s a busy chap at the moment. I got to meet him at the Avatar World Premiere and the video footage is here.

In this featurette, they talk about using instruments from different cultures since the movie was shot completely in china. It’s well worth a watch and you can see it below.

The Karate Kid is released in the UK 28th July, is directed by Harald Zwart and stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.