Guardians of the Galaxy has gone some way in showing that comic book movies don’t need to feature big name superheroes to be a success, especially as the James Gunn helmed Marvel Studios movie looks set to hit $600 million worldwide any day now and is America’s highest grossing release of 2014.

Well, Warner Bros. are now said to be in the very early stages of developing their own quirky team based DC Comics movie with a space setting; The Legion of Superheroes.

The studio is apparently sending out the comic book to various screenwriters and their reps in order to get their take on a possibly big screen adaptation, later leading to them pitching their idea to Warner Bros. and potentially being hired if they decide it’s a good direction to take the project in.

So, as we said, The Legion Of Superheroes is a movie which is at the VERY early stages of being made, and it may not even be one of the nine unannounced DC Comics films which the release dates have already been announced for. It’s a fair obscure group of characters, and you have to imagine that comic book fans have a long list of superheroes they would much prefer to see in a movie before this team!

The Legion Of Superheroes were created in 1958. Over the years, we’ve seen many iterations of the group, but the most recognised version is that they were all inspired by the adventures of Superman to become heroes, and do just that in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe. Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are the founding members, and they’ve been know to travel back in time.

This movie wouldn’t mark their live-action debut as a version of The Legion Of Superheroes were seen in Superman TV series Smallville a few years ago. Would you enjoy a movie starring this team?