The internet has given us some wonderful things over the years, mainly cats and accidents, but there’s alwasy something new to see and today we stumbled on one man’s tribute to Steven Spielberg’s Dinotravaganza, the Jurassic Park trilogy.

Perfectly timed to coincide with the recent big screen remastering of the film ahead of its Blu-ray release Brett Domino and Steven Peavis have added their own brand of soulful lyrics to John Williams’ iconic score.

Complete with state of the art CGI this music video truly gets to the heart of why we love to scamper like errant raptors through the world of Jurassic Park. Now if only Spielberg will use this to promote the fourth film I think we’d all be happier, yes?

Here’s the epicness that is Brett Domino and his ‘infamous’ love song to Jurassic Park…

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Thanks to the many minds of Metafilter for excavating this one.