After attending the fabulous Virgin Media Shorts Award Ceremony last year, Virgin followed this up by holding yet another Chic party in celebration of “championing undiscovered talent.”

The evening was held at the very suave venue “Sketch” in Mayfair and although it was more of an intimate gathering, the atmosphere was just as vibrant. We enjoyed glasses of champagne, good music and dozens of canapés which continuously circled the room (the mini fish and chips were by far my favourite and the mini sorbet ice-creams were adorable).

Jason Wingard, the 2011 winner for his short film 2:20 took to the stage to give us an update of where he is now and what he has planned for the future. Presently, he is planning a film with the BFI which will be a hip hop musical based on the back drop of riots. Virgin Media are in the process of making applications to extend the reach of the completion and encourage even more talent apply.

You can see Jason’s winning film from 2011 below,

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I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and after being to two of their events, stating that they sure know how to put a fantastic evening together is a pretty safe conclusion.

“Virgin Media Shorts is back! Got a little slice of movie magic up your sleeve? Upload it before 12th July 2012 and you could soon be watching it on the big screen. This year we’ve got a whopping 13 spaces on the shortlist so there’s an extra chance to hit cinemas. And if you’re the lucky Grand Prize winner, you’ll be skipping away with £30,000 funding to make your next film with the BFI. Good, eh? So why aren’t you uploading your entry already?”

Visit here to enter your film