If you’ve been following the progress of Vin Diesel’s return with writer-director David Twohy to the world of Riddick, you might have seen the fantastic first photo from the set of the upcoming film that the actor put out just over a week ago.

Diesel has been really great with the development of this film in the past few months, treating us to concept art (which you can catch up on here), and he’s given us our second photo from the set, via his Facebook, in which he seriously looks the part. He plays the role of Riddick so well, and I cannot wait to see him return to it.

“Being king has its perks… yet an alpha Furyan, must return to his primitive state… that animal side.

(low rumble)

P.s. An early pic from the set of the new Riddick film.”

If you’ve seen either of the first two films, Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick, then you’ll know that the character is a dark one, and it’s one that Diesel makes look easy to pull off, though of course it can’t be. The third film, which has been known as Riddick, but has also recently been referred to as The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, has been a very long time coming, and it’s so good to see with these first set photos that it’s actually finally coming together.

Karl Urban is thought to be joining Diesel again, reprising his role as Vaako from the second film, with Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Mollà, and Nolan Funk all set to join the cast too. No word yet on when we can expect to see it on the big screen, but after quite a few years of waiting, during which time the possibility of a sequel became less and less likely, I’m more than happy to be patient and wait for whenever it comes. Just the knowledge that it is coming is good enough for me.

No doubt we can look forward to more updates from Diesel throughout the course of shooting and beyond, so be sure to keep an ear to the ground for more updates. We’ll be bringing them to you as and when he puts them out. For now, here’s the great new image of him donning his character’s trademark goggles. As usual, click to enlarge.