Fans of Shane Meadows work on the big and small screens will know the name and work of Vicky McClure. She won a well deserved Best Actress BAFTA in 2011 for her role as Lol in the spin-off TV series This is England ’86, a role she reprised for a third time for This is England ’88 to great acclaim.

She is fast becoming one of Britain’s rising stars with a return as Lol for the final hurrah as Meadows’ long running series enters a new decade as rave culture begins to take hold in 1990, and there is still time in the next two years for a role in John Hardwicke’s Svengali and a nicely diverse turn in Hummingbird with Jason Statham.

It’s no surprise that McClure maintains her closeness to Meadows, her role as Ladine in the director’s third film, A Room for Romeo Brass, put her in the frame with Andrew Shim, Bob Hoskins and another of Meadow’s regulars, Paddy Considine. McClure first encountered Meadows in a drama workshop in her home town of Nottingham and their frequent collaborations are providing some fierce and uncompromising material for the actress, it’s almost certain that McClure and Meadows will continue their association in the years to come.

In the middle of her Lolling McClure was hired to star in a little known 2008 film called Filth and Wisdom, a self-proclaimed comedy/drama/musical/romance which would, in all probability, be forgotten were it not for the fact that the film was the first feature directed by Madonna.

i-D have put this short film together following Vicky around two places which inspire her for different reasons. Soho in Central London and her home town of Nottingham are work and home to and this is i-D’s entry into the Swatch I Heart Campaign. “Nottingham is my home,” she says, “it’s what I know and I feel comfortable there. I love London but I’m a family girl. My career is the biggest part of what I do but ultimately I want to make sure I’m surrounded by the people I love. It sounds cheesy but it’s the truth.” In an interview with the Nottingham based culture magazine LeftLion she mentions that ‘…walking round Nottingham has definitely got more bizarre, I’m getting recognised quite a lot; but everyone’s being dead lovely and encouraging’ and you can see her love for her home town in the promo video below.

You can find out more and vote for your favourite place in the world here. Here’s Vicky to tell you all about her choices.

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