Though it is very good news indeed that Aaron Sorkin is returning to writing for television with The Newsroom (see the second trailer here – do it) there’s nothing quite like a new dose of The West Wing to open the floodgates of the mind and let a thousand happy memories wash over you.

I can’t deny that seeing many of the main cast back together had me a little misty eyed, particularly when a jacket was haphazardly put on, and there’s a little gentle ribbing of Sorkin’s award winning show in the walking and talking (about walking) here.

Made by the guys over at Funny or Die this video is designed to spread the word on the benefits of a regular stroll (how they missed the gag ‘it’s a constitutional crisis’ I’ll never know…) as part of the Everybody Walk programme. Lots of helpful tips there, applicable not just to Americans.

So here’s the video. Now, if we cold only get the cast of Twin Peaks to reform for a Fossil Fuel PSA. I wonder what The Log Lady is doing…