Hot of the press from Sony Pictures headquarters, and quite frankly completely unexpected, comes the news that finally, after being announced over a year ago, the Venom movie is set for an October 5th 2018 release date, filling the slot nicely that James Wan’s Aquaman has just vacated.

Rumours are currently flying as to who the director may be, and The Mummy and The Amazing Spider-Man director, Alex Kurtzman, looks to be in the lead especially after being announced by box office data providers Exhibitor Relations Co But this is yet to be confirmed by the studio.

The production of Venom has had a faltering start since 2014 when it was initially planned around the same time as the Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, Sony decided to ditch that franchise and start again with the joint venture of Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming with Tom Holland as our all new lycra-clad hero which will get a summer release in July. There have been no hints that Venom is part of Sony and Marvel’s joint venture so it could well be that this project will be a standalone film, much like his character in the comic books.

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Alien: Covenant Screenwriter, Dante Harper has been linked with Venom since last year and nothing seems to have changed there, The Jumanji remake and Gone in Sixty Seconds screenwriter,  Scott Rosenberg and Ghost in the Shell and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer, Avi Arad have also emerged as having an attachment. However, the whole episode seems like the studio are playing secret squirrel with the lack of any plot, official director or cast announcements being made available.

Further information on Venom should now start rolling it sooner rather than later with the release date announced so watch this space for updates.