Damning reports on the Catholic Church and its corruption can be dated as far back as King Henry VIII’s reign in the 1500s right through to this very day. Canadian filmmaker Paul Stark’s latest documentary, The Vatican Deception, brings to light one of Rome’s most current deception of its loyal faithful by enlightening audiences on the Vatican’s lack of transparency concerning The Fatima Prophecies — a famous apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fátima, Portugal, in 1917 — and its administration’s efforts to cover up the secrets entrusted in three young children, of who only one survived to become Sister Lúcia.

Explained via a timeline of miracle celestial events, the documentary goes to considerable lengths to explain exactly what The Fátima Prophecies are even though, as claimed, the Vatican has taken it upon themselves to keep certain prophecy scripture a secret, even going as far as to reveal that instead of the three known secrets there indeed lies a forth. Stark’s main interview subject made up of archive interview footage, much of which falls upon the since passed Father Nicholas Gruner, a Fatima Crusader who made it his purpose to divulge the hidden secrets of the Fátima Prophecies even after being suspended from his priestly duties and physically attacked.

Revealing, as the Church stated, disruptive and troublesome opinions that point to the existence of a missing prophecy that appears to be a reference to the demise of the Catholic Church and its referencing to future Global catastrophes; an ample section of focus of the documentary links events of World War I, Hitler’s tyrannical reign and the Russian involvement and communism to the Prophecies of the Fátima apparition. “The film makes many references to the World Wars and it’s a powerful reminder of where we have been,” Paul Stark, the film’s producer stated.“ The film reminds us why we vowed never to forget these wars, and it examines the message of peace contained in the prophecies.” The lack of the Vatican’s willingness to consecrate Russia pops up time and time again almost like trying to flog a dead horse but it’s compellingly baffling to hear the frustrations of why such a simple act was so hard to carry out as per the instructions left within the Prophecy scripture.

Seven years in the making, Stark has compiled an insightful expose put together by archival video interviews, clips of state visits and religious ceremonies undertaken by various Pope’s throughout the years, photographs and audio conversations from writer, priest, archaeologist and biblical scholar Malachi Martin that its limited budget dated aesthetic. It helps the viewer to be one of a religious faith to be completely enthralled by the findings and revelations exposed, but it’s not a requisite to find this fairly unheard of story so grippingly fascinating.

The Vatican Deception is out in selected UK cinemas on January 19th.

The Vatican Deception
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