Fans of Norse culture rejoice because Netflix is investing in keeping the marauders from the north on our screens for the foreseeable future after news broke they had ordered a spin-off series to the hit show Vikings.

The spin-off, titled Vikings: Valhalla, will pick up 100 years after the original show and will follow the lives of brand-new characters to the Vikings universe, and it will probably give us a glimpse into the end of the ‘Viking’ era.

Norse people lived complicated lives in unforgiving lands and were a hardy, militarist people as a result. But despite this, they had more of an open-minded society, in terms of gender roles and stereotypes, more than any other civilisation that existed at the time.

Because of this, the Viking way of life is often celebrated in the modern-day, and its influences can be felt just about anywhere. From superhero franchises like Thor to forthcoming video games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the tendrils of Norse culture can be seen in almost every sort of entertainment.

The same can be said about the iGaming industry, which has been experiencing somewhat of a “Viking fever” right now. Brands like 888 have a plethora of games that players can try using casino bonuses that are inspired by the Norse way of life and traditions, especially the importance of afterlife with slot games like Goddess of Valhalla.

The flagship series already covered a lot of the incredible Viking culture in just six seasons, but it looks like showrunner Michael Hirst has more to tell. Netflix ordered 24 episodes of Vikings: Valhalla to start with and it will take us further into the Scandanavian raiders’ history.

It has already been confirmed that we’ll be seeing several important historical figures and some more strong-willed Viking women in action. From the Norse explorer Leif Erikson and his brave sister Freydis to Harold Godwinson as the King of Norway and William the Conqueror as the first Norman King of England.

Following on from the popularity of the original show, and the impact of Norse mythology on popular culture in general, the news about the spin-off series does not come as that much of a surprise. Still, it will, nevertheless, it is welcome news to fans across the globe.

Regardless of how the spin-off turns out, the global appetite for Viking-related content seems to be insatiable right now, companies and brands across all sectors and industries will be looking to provide even more content. So, if you’re a Norse mythology fan, you can rest assured, as you probably won’t run out of fresh stuff any time soon.

The first season of Vikings: Valhalla is probably coming sometime around the end of 2021 or maybe even the beginning of 2022, so we have plenty of time to go around to what we might expect from the new series.