Vancouver, CANADA – Surrogate Valentine tells the story of a talented San Francisco musician, Goh Nakamura, who has always found it easier to express himself through his music. His life of solitude is interrupted when he is tasked with taking TV actor, Danny Turner (Chadd Stoops) along on tour so Danny can research for an upcoming role.

Together, the two embark on an interesting West Coast adventure from LA to San Francisco to Seattle and back again with live gigs, groupies and an unexpected friendship. Along the way, Goh (who plays himself) reunites with an old high school crush, Rachel (Lynn Chen).

With the help of the obnoxious and often annoying, TV actor, the reclusive musician attempts to break out of his shell and take a chance to win over his life-long love.

As some may argue, the film does present many of the usual stereotypes, such as the quiet asian, who always seems uncomfortable talking to women. But Goh’s character is relatable to many and his situation is a familiar one. The lovelorn Goh finally has a chance at love and to catch the one that got away.

Dave Boyle’s sweet romantic comedy, Surrogate Valentine, is the type of movie that girls may enjoy more than guys. Not surprising, since the lead character is a musician and secondly, it is a story about unrequited love after all.

There could have been more character development in the film as Goh’s character didn’t seem to change much from the mellow, reserved musician at the start of the film.

As for the film’s look, it didn’t necessarily have to be black and white for the entire film. The black and white color scheme didn’t seem to add anything to the story and the film would be just as amusing in colour.

Overall, Surrogate Valentine, with its awkward, funny encounters and catchy theme song, is a cute, mildly entertaining film that leaves the viewer rooting for Goh and second chances at love.

Surrogate Valentine has its Western Canadian Premiere on November 6 at 7:30pm and is the Closing Night Presentation at the 2011 Vancouver Asian Film Festival.