A Drummer still Drumming…

Part of the short film competition at this year’s Vancouver Asian Film Festival, A Drummer’s Passion directed by Mingu Kimtakes a look at the life of Kwon Soon Keun, member of 1960s Korean rock band ADD-4 (ADD-K).

Now in his 70’s, the drummer is having a career revival of sorts due to the popularity of his energetic performances surfacing on youtube which have made him an internet celebrity. Simply youtube ‘Korean Drummer,’ and Kwon Soon videos are the top search result.

The short documentary follows Kwon Soon, as the eldest member in his new band as they prepare for an upcoming concert. Having immigrated to Canada, he opens up about struggling to make a living in Toronto, reminiscing about the rock star glory days of his youth, well behind him.

His eccentric over the top drumming may seem comedic, but we learn that he is truly passionate about the music that he has been performing this way since his youth.

A Drummer’s Passion, is not the most polished film in the VAFF short film lineup, but it is certainly is quite memorable.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPWjNX4PBlI’]
Kwon Soon Keun – “Korean Drummer Steals The Show”