Luther is by far one of the best British TV dramas of all-time, and with series three seemingly the last, it appears as if Detective John Luther’s story is over (unless the long talked about movie finally happens).

Well, the Luther WE know that is! According to various outlets, an American remake is now in the works. Despite these often being a disaster, Luther creator Neil Cross is actually writing and serving as an executive producer on the project, lending it some serious credibility and increasing its chance of being, well, good!

Star Idris Elba is also an executive producer, but he won’t be reprising the role of Luther in this version.

The original Luther was just as successful in the US after airing on BBC America, earning eight Emmy nominations for best miniseries, best actor for Elba, and also best writing/directing nods as well.

This won’t be the first attempt to remake a popular British drama, and both Prime Suspect and Gracepoint (which Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall was heavily involved in) were met with a tepid response.

There’s currently no word on who will be playing John or the direction that the series will take. Considering just how good the team behind-the-scenes are, it has a lot of potential, but it’s hard to imagine it topping the original. Would you be happier if Idris Elba was reprising the role? Let us know in the comments section!