Just when things were looking a tiny bit more rosey for the troubled prodction of The Hobbit, news comes in to tell us that Unions are telling actors to avoid the new movies.

According to the BBC:

Global actors’ unions have told their members not to take roles in the new The Hobbit movies amid a row over pay.

This is yet another set-back for the production after all the woes they’ve had with MGM going down the plug-hole and will no doubt put another spanner in the works. There’s still no confirmed news on who’ll direct the movie.  Guillermo Del Toro  has pulled out and news keeps popping up that Peter Jackson (who’s currently executive producer on the movie) may step up to take the reigns as he did in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

This is so frustrating since we’re all so looking forward to these movies. You’d think making them wouldn’t be THIS hard!

Head over to the BBC for the full lowdown but we’ll keep you informed.