This latest installment of the Underworld saga has the benefit of returning vamp Kate Beckinsale but the undeniable burden of looking like a Resident Evil rip-off straight from the hauntless corridors of The Asylum. There are a number of almost identical scenes evident in the first minute of so of this trailer alone. This does not bode well.

So derivative does this trailer look that with all the goodwill for the series engendered from the first two films all but ruined by the third film, the prequel Rise of the Lycans, it seems Screen Gems has now given up any pretence of originality and gone for a blue-tinged molasses of the aforementioned Resident Evil films with a helping of The Matrix stirred into the mix.

It could be the best film of the year of course, this trailer suggests that is highly unlikely though, and the ‘PLEASE NOTICE THE 3D – HERE’S SOME FLYING WEAPONS’ element is so worn out that even Harold & Kumar are taking the mick.

Still, there’s a lot of love for this series out there. For them I present the following. Here’s your trailer fang fans,

Those crazy Yahoos had it up ’em.