Scott Derrickson (The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose) returns behind the camera once more this year with Sinister, a found footage horror/thriller that debuted at SXSW earlier this year to brilliant reviews.

We caught a great and terrifying first trailer for the film back in June, and now the studio have sent over the UK quad poster ahead of its release here this October.

“SINISTER is the terrifying new horror from the producer of INSIDIOUS and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and the writer-director of THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.

Struggling true crime novelist, Ellison (ETHAN HAWKE), becomes too close to his latest gruesome story when he discovers a box of mysterious and brutal home movies in his attic.”

The brilliant Ethan Hawke stars in the lead, alongside Vincent D’Onofrio, with Derrickson directing from a script he co-wrote with C. Robert Cargill.

Sinister will be released in the UK and US on 5th October, and it looks like this is one horror you’ll definitely want to catch this autumn/fall. You can keep up to date on all things Sinister over on their official Facebook, and we’ll be bringing it all your way as soon as it hits. For now, enjoy this great UK quad poster, and as usual, you can click to enlarge.