Empire has revealed the UK poster for gripping documentary Catfish – a film which made a splash at this year’s festivals. The film has gone on to earn over million in the US (pocket change for the Harry Potter mob, but impressive for a small, purposely ambiguous low-budget doc).

The film follows co-director Ariel Schulman’s brother Nev, a photographer who one day receives a surprising e-mail message from an eight-year-old girl called Abby who has seen his picture in a newspaper and wants permission to paint a portrait from it. From there things take a decidedly bizarre turn when Nev (having struck up an on-line relationship with Abby’s older sister Megan) decides it’s time to meet her in person, only to then find that the girl’s family are not at all what he expected them to be.

The UK distributors have opted for a ‘Social Network’-style image for the poster, with the Facebook font and pixellated faces. It’s very different from the original, sparsely-design US quad (pictured below the UK version) which is much more in keeping with the mysterious nature of the film.