UK graffiti artist ‘Banksy’ has created a rather awesome new opening sequence for The Simpsons that aired in the US last night. The sequence has caused quite a stir according to the BBC who tell us that the sequence which features Banksy’s caused a threatened walk-out by the animators of the hit US TV programme.

As well as his name being graffitied over the walls of Springfield, we also get to see Bart Simpson wearing a mask while drawing over the walls followed by a South Korean sweatshop where we get to see cats being thrown into a mixer to create Bart dolls and a unicorn tied to a wall as it pieces holes into DVDs.

Apparently the intro was inspired by stories that The Simpsons is mostly animated out in South Korea. The episode is called MoneyBart and will air in the UK 21st October.

This news follows the post I wrote last night showing the first image of Daniel Radcliffe playing Edmund (a rip off of Robert Pattinson in Twilight) in the 2010 Halloween Episode of The Simpsons.

You can watch the intro below which comes from Banksy’s YouTube channel: