Jon posted the first trailer for new movie, Water for Elephants last month and if you missed it, it’s well worth a watch. The movie stars Robert Pattinson, Reece Witherspoon and the fabulous Christoph waltz and is based on the book by Sara Gruen.

These two new images look rather lovely just like the trailer and poster that Jon put up previously. Water for Elephants is directed by Francis Lawrence, is released in the UK 22nd April and is one we’re very much looking forward to!

Synopsis: Based on the acclaimed bestseller, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS presents an unexpected romance in a uniquely compelling setting. Veterinary school student Jacob meets and falls in love with Marlena, a star performer in a circus of a bygone era. They discover beauty amidst the world of the Big Top, and come together through their compassion for a special elephant. Against all odds — including the wrath of Marlena’s charismatic but dangerous husband, August — Jacob and Marlena find lifelong love.

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