A question I get asked probably more times than any other when it comes to home formats is ‘What is so great about blu-ray?’ or, ‘What is high definition?’ or ‘Is blu-ray actually better than DVD?’.

The answer to the later is always yes while the answers to the first two questions can sometimes be much harder to explain in words without getting all techie. This is where it’s nice to have some pictures that explain the whole thing and this video does just that!

Twentieth Century Fox have a whole selection of classic movies being released on Blu-ray and have created this trailer explaining exactly what they’ve done to make the picture quality better. They use movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Romeo and Juliet, The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge and the Alien Anthology to show just how they’ve made the images you see on screen so much better remastering all their original stock into high definition.

From now on, i’ll be using this post to direct people when they ask me the two questions above! Hopefully this will also help many more of you who get asked those questions too!

All the movies you see in this trailer are out on blu-ray imminently with The Sound of Music being  released on Blu-ray and DVD on 8th November courtesy of Fox.