class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-34883 alignleft” title=”Tron Legacy Poster” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”218″ height=”150″ />As excitement and anticipation builds for the forthcoming sequel to 1982’s cult hit Tron, the film’s official soundtrack website has been unveiled.

As many of you will already know, French electro superstars Daft Punk are on scoring duties here, and will even make a cameo appearance in the film, playing two DJ’s in a nightclub scene (and dressed as their robot alter egos!).

A few tracks have been leaked already to much praise, and I’m sure fans of the group’s retro-digital sounds (me included) are looking forward to seeing and hearing what could potentially be a perfect marriage between movie and music.

Tron Legacy is released on 17th December, and although the date to buy/download the soundtrack has yet to be confirmed, it will probably be available sometime in early December.

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