I don’t think we’ve seen enough revenge thrillers with guns this week, so I lay these offerings at your feet: Four clips and a suite of fancy posters from the long awaited big screen team up of Jason Statham and Robert De Niro – Killer Elite.

The film marks the feature debut of writer/diector Gark McKendry and much has been made (on this site anyway) of the moustache of Clive Owen. Certainly the marketing isn’t shy of the facial hairpiece and Owen is back in Shoot Em Up/Bourne mode here as he faces off against Statham’s ex-Special Ops man out to save his mentor (this is where Mr. De Niro earns his money) and it all looks very loud and confusing.

UK people have until the 23rd of September to make up their minds, which these clips should help with.

Collider collected the clips concurrently,

And the busy bods at IMPA got their hands on the barrage of new posters, which won’t win any points for subtlety but which are hard to fault in their demographigrab,