How Michael Bay convinced Frances McDormand and John Malkovich to sign up for the third Transformers film is beyond me, but there are pictures to prove it below, as well as a new TV spot which features Optimus Prime sitting and having a good old think about his life*.

Michael Bay’s 3D robotravaganza is almost upon us and it seems churlish to lower expectations for this film more than the second TF film did but with a few teaser trailers looking ‘good’ chances are that Bay and Co. have learned from their big expensive mistakes.

Here’s a TV spot,


Point those eyes at the gallery and imagine a blzaing sunset with the faint whiff of a heavy rock soundtrack somewhere in the distance. Click them.

Getting all sourcey for a moment, the TV spot came in from Latino Review and the pics flew in from Yahoo via Collider. A chorus of thanks to each and all.

*Not really.