As much as I loved The Magnificent Seven I always felt the one thing it was missing was Football.

I’m certain a quick kick around would have lifted spirits between raids on the village and while I’m clearly being facetious the news from Berlin today that Trainspotting Novelist and director of the darts film Good Arrows Irvine Welsh is lined up to co-write and direct a football film, based loosely on the exploits of the gunslingers, called The Magnificent Eleven is certainly interesting.

Football films haven’t fared too well at the box office, but if there’s anyone who can pinpoint the comedy and tragedy of the Sunday football leagues it’s Welsh.

ScreenDaily have the news and offer this synopsis,

[The Magnificent Eleven is] a modern-day version of the classic 1960 western The Magnificent Seven in which the Cowboys are a local amateur soccer team, the Indians run a nearby Tandoori restaurant and the bandits are a group of menacing thugs run by a maniac called Blonde Bob.

The cast attracted so far is pretty impressive, When Saturday Comes’ star Sean Bean is signed up along with Dougray Scott and Robert Vaughan (himself a Magnificent Seven alum), Angry Badger Pictures have teamed with Producer John Adams, who had this to say in Berlin.

Having worked with Irvine Welsh on his feature film Good Arrows, I am certain that the team we have assembled for The Magnificent Eleven can deliver a quality feature film with massive commercial potential.