The Messenger PosterWe all know Woody Harrelson is a genius comedy actor but here he gets to show off some serious acting ability. He’s got so many films coming out at the moment that I’m losing track of which ones they are! His latest role is for a movie called The Messenger where he plays a military officer who’s job it is to tell relatives that their loved ones have been killed in the line of duty.

The Messenger is directed by Oren Moverman and also stars Ben Foster, Samantha Morton and Jena Malone. Foster plays Harrelson’s new partner who has to learn how to stay cut off from the people that they have to give their ‘message’ to. Samantha Morton is one of the recipients of the bad news and the movie concentrates on how she deals with the grief. From the trailer, the movie looks extremely moving.

The Messenger is released 30th October in the US. No release date as yet for the UK. I’ve embeded the trailer below or head over to Apple to view in HD.