After last appearing on the big screen at the end of 2010 in a not so sparkling role in Little Fockers, Jessica Alba is now back playing the lead in new movie An Invisible Sign, the story of a math teacher obsessed with numbers and a new trailer has just arrived courtesy of The Playlist.

Looking refreshingly geeky with ponytails and no make-up on, Jessica plays Mona, a woman with a weird fixation with numbers developed as a child after her beloved mathematician father started showing signs of mental illness. Now grown up and unemployed, Mona is evicted, but receives a call from her ex elementary school principal who offers her a job as the new math teacher. At work, she proves herself to be quite an unconventional educator, and also falls for a colleague, battles her compulsive obsession and ends up pushing herself out of her comfort zone and into a new world.

It seems like Alba has been lately trying to shake off the sex bomb image previous roles have made her renown for, putting herself up for unconventional, more down-to-earth parts in which the word ‘sexy’ is almost completely written off (except for Little Fockers where she played the seductress again –  maybe this is why she was so uninspired?).

While an Invisible Sign doesn’t look particularly innovative as far as rom-coms go, its cutesy storyline is going to make for an enjoyable watch, and it will be interesting to see Jessica in a lead role again – her last protagonist role was in the remake of Hong Kong horror flick The Eye.

Watch out for the talented actress who plays young Mona, Bailee Madison:  you will remember her as the uber-cute little May Belle in Bridge to Terabithia.

Here’s the trailer,


Reported by Margherita Pellegrino