The Thor train continues its rumble through anticipation city tonight hoping to spark interest and remind people that there’s a new movie coming out. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Thor, remember – it’s from the people who made Iron Man.

The TV spot looks nicely bombastic and pyrotechincally adept and may just convince the comic-averse sections of the cinema going audience to throw money in its direction on the 27th of April when the film rolls around. I’m still very keen to see what Kenneth Branagh has done with this film, he doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice (and in truth I’m hoping he’s convinced Marvel to let him remake In The Bleak Midwinter on an enormous scale) but what we’ve seen so far looks promising.

A new image has been released, a scan of Jaimie Alexander who plays Sif in the film.

The rather uninspired and slightly dubious accompanying text reads:

Although Sif would rather trade steel with her foes, she can easily remind everyone of her elegance and beauty.

Hmm. Sexy and can kick-ass? Who would have thought it?

Here’s the TV spot,

Muchos thanks to Comic Book Movie and Coming Soon for sorting us.