I just looked back through my old posts to try to find the one I wrote about the Ayrton Senna Movie and i had to go way back to HeyUGuys version 1.0 to find it! I can’t believe it but it was on the 23rd April 2009 that I did a piece on the news. Amazing how times flies.

Anyway, back here in 2011, here’s a post to tell you that the first trailer for the Ayrton Senna biopic has been released (it was actually out quite a white ago but thanks to Live For Films for the heads up). The movie is is directed by Asif Kapadia and spans the career of the Brazilian driving legend looking at both the ups and downs of a career of one of the best motor racing drivers of all time.

Senna was killed in a crash at Imola in the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 and now, this documentary will pay tribute to the great man.

We can expect to see it in the UK June 3rd.