New Scream 4 picture time, and it’s no surprise that newcomer to the series Emma Roberts shares a few dicey moments with Ghostface, who returns with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette to torment and tear up the latest gaggle of teens in the fourth Scream movie.

EW have this latest picture and the following blurb,

Ten years after the last Scream movie, Neve Campbell’s Sidney goes back home only to encounter yet another brutal Ghostface killer and a doozy of a new twisty plot

My hope is that the twist will reveal that theĀ  man behind the mask is Craven himself and this is some kind of New Nightmare for the twenty-first century. Any chance of that? Not really, but an effective horror film, no matter how Scooby Doo it is, will always find an audience, so hopefully there’s enough spark and wit in this one to fill the next two films in the proposed trilogy.

Here’s the pic,

EW had it, Fangoria pointed us towards it, now its yours.