I first saw, and subsequently posted, the sizzle reel for Absentia back in July and now I’ve seen the trailer I’m really looking forward to checking this great looking horror film as soon as possible.

Fallback Plan Productions is headed by the team of Morgan Peter Brown and Justin Gordon, and Absentia is their first project. Written and directed by Mike Flanagan this film is due out in next year, here’s the synopsis,

Absentia tells the story of a woman whose husband has been missing for seven years, and she must now face the grim realities of declaring him “dead in absentia.”  With the help of her sister and a sympathetic detective she tries to move on with her life.  But all is not what it seems to be, and disappearance does not equal death.

When I saw the sizzle reel what really jumped out at me was how little the scares jumped out at me, how the truly creepy elements were simple shots which made me uncomfortable, where things didn’t seem ‘right’. Now the trailer opens up the story a little more while building a sense of terror throughout with subtlety and some nice ideas present – and this is why I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Trailer time,