We’re fans of Andy Nyman’s work on stage with Ghost Stories, or behind the scenes with Derren Brown, as well as his roles in Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set and Christopher Smith’s Severance, so it’s fair to say that the man knows how to pick his projects.

While it’s still early in the production of Cristian Solimeno’s film The Glass Man has itself a poster and a trailer with Nyman, Neve Campbell and the slightly terrifying presence of actor James Cosmo.

Speaking to STYD Nyman offered this as a synopsis,

In a nutshell The Glass Man is about a guy with a nice middle class lifestyle who works in the financial sector. Thanks to the banking collapse he loses his job but instead of telling his wife (Campbell) he continues his 9-5 routine and gets into enormous monetary difficulties. Then late one night there’s a banging on the door. It’s debt collector Pecco (Cosmo) who tells Martin he’s bought his arrears from the loan shark and wants to start clearing out his house. After much anguished persuasion Pecco tells Martin there’s only one way to stop the repossession; he still has an important job to do that night and if Martin does it with him, he’ll wipe the slate clean. Naturally Martin wants to know what the job is, but Pecco won’t tell him – he has to yes right away or the deal is off. So Martin reluctantly agrees…

The Glass Man is currently filming in London and I’m officially excited for it.

Consider this poster an entree,

Look into this trailer,

Dread Central had both of these, and provided the link to the Facebook page for the film, which is sure to be a goldmine of info and pics as the production moves on.