The trailer and release date for the upcoming story 6 Days, which is based on the real-life siege drama at the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980, starring Jamie Bell and Mark Strong has been announced.

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Jamie Bell (Snowpiercer / Defiance / Billy Elliott) get his chance to delve deep into the gritty role of SAS team leader, Rusty Firmin in the story which depicts events that took place during the notorious Iranian Embassy siege in London in 1980, An event which brought the whole country to a standstill to watch as events unfolded on an intense standoff played out between the British security forces and armed militants, culminating in a dramatic and brutal assault.

6 Days - Jamie Bell

Developed with detailed input from survivors of the real-life events, 6 Days was also shot on location in Princess Gate, London, the actual location those fateful events unfolded.

New Zealand director Toa Fraser, who back in 2006 won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival for No.2, takes the helm alongside a cast of Jamie Bell (Fantastic Four, Billy Elliot), Mark Strong (The Imitation Game, Kingsman: The Secret Service) as hostage negotiator Max Vernon, Abbie Cornish (Solace) as BBC reporter Kate Adie and Tim Pigott-Smith who only passed away on the 7th of April.

6 Days - Jamie Bell 6 Days - Jamie Bell 6 Days - Jamie Bell

6 Days is out in cinemas August 4th.

6 Days Official Synopsis

In April 1980, six armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London, taking 26 people inside hostage. Over the next six days a tense standoff took place, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid, the likes of which the world had never seen before.