Here’s another slick trailer for the new Brett Ratner film Tower Heist, which pulls off a mighty feat in taking a fairly hokey premise (big shot moneyman rips off the hotel staff in the building in which he is under house arrest leading them to steal their money back, you know – that old story) from a director not unused to criticism and makes it look like a slightly less glamorous version of Ocean’s Eleven, but a fun one nonetheless.

Certainly the sight of a greying Ferris Bueller shivering on a hotel rooftop and Eddie Murphy stepping out of prison and straight into Trading Places is quite fun, and Ben Stiller looks firmly set in Night at the Museum mode here with Gabourey Sidibe and Alan Alda making the most of the aforementioned hoke. Decent cast having fun with a silly premise then. Why not?

It’s released in the UK 4th November. Will you be there?

Thanks The Sun.