One of the best things about movies is the suspension of belief.  It could be something along the lines of an intricately choreographed fight scene, cars from the future or hovering skateboards.  Whatever it is, you’ve no doubt wanted something you’ve seen in a movie.

While my list is too long to list every little thing, here’s my top 10 things from movies I wish were real.

Transporters (Star Trek)

Now the thought of stepping up onto a pad and having your molecules torn apart then reassembled (hopefully in the right order) seems a bit daunting, I really don’t think there would be any more convenient way to travel.  It would really solve my dilemma on figuring out just how I’m going to get over to London sometime soon.  The travel industry might not take so kindly to such an easy way to get from one place to another.  But there shouldn’t be extra charges for baggage, so that’s a plus.  And while I’m on the subject….

The Enterprise (Star Trek)

Space battles not with standing, being able to roam the galaxies in a technologically advanced space craft would be awesome.  I’m thinking more along lines of the Enterprise from The Next Generation era.  Holodecks, replicators, and 10 Forward all make this Enterprise the coolest version out there.  It’s like a cruise ship with warp drive, phasers and photon torpedoes.  All which would undoubtedly discourage those naughty pirates out there.

The closet door storage facility (Monters, Inc.)

The chase scene in Monsters Inc with Sully, Mike, Boo & Randall in the door warehouse (for lack of a better term) was my favorite part of the movie.  I have said from day one that Disney needs to get on that and build a roller coaster based on that concept.  I envision the ride to be an inside inverted coaster that’s dimly lit with a lot of dips and turns.  Disney has some of the best rides out there and I can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet.  Hopefully this will encourage them to get on it!

Marauder’s Map (Harry Potter)

To have a map that shows you where everyone around you is located, would be the ultimate!  Think about it, you’re with a group of friends, everyone splits off, you try to reconnect but don’t know where anyone is.  Just pull out the map and you’re golden!  So it may only work at Hogwarts, but in my world, I really wish this was real. It would make finding people in Disneyland SO much easier!

Bumble Bee (Transformers)

First of all, in car form, Bumble Bee is a slick ride and would be fantastic to own (minus the insurance payments).  But the real selling point here is that he drives himself.  HE DRIVES HIMSELF! You would never have to worry about having a designated driver, or being to tired to make a road trip.  I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the pathetic excuse of a back seat, but to be able to head to work and NOT have to watch the road would be worth it.  Not to mention the fact that he turns into a huge robot.  That’s just a bonus really.  Actually now that I think about it, I’d take Ironhide as well.  It’s good to have a truck…in case you need to move something.

The Force (Star Wars)

Ok so even if hokey religions may not compare to a good blaster at your side, it would still be kind of cool to be able to silence someone just by raising your hand.  And that is a skill that would really come in handy.  Not too mention being able to move things with your mind. Seriously, if I could use the force, my house would always be clean and I wouldn’t have to listed to annoying people…ever!

Hoverboards (Back to the Future II)

You can’t tell me that when you all saw Back to the Future II you didn’t think “Wow, those are so cool!  I want one!!” because we all did.  Even though they didn’t work so well over water.  Seems to me they would be a benefit.  They provide a nice smooth ride and would be easy on the knees and ankles.  Something this bag of bones would be thankful for.  You wouldn’t have to worry about bumps, cracks, potholes, or rough pavement.  All it would take is coordination and balance.  I think I remember reading something that said someone was actually trying to create these.  I can’t remember where I saw it and a search came up empty.

The Matrix (The Matrix)

Ok, so I’m really only thinking of one aspect of the Matrix.  I don’t wish for humans to be harvested for their energy, but the idea of being able to download knowledge, skills and information by shoving a long spike into my brain sounds pretty cool.  Well, not so much the spike part, but the ability to download.  It would really save time and money with those flying lessons I’ve been wanting to take.

Iron Man’s Mark III Armor (Iron Man)

I know the first question is why not the Mark IV or V.  Well, I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet.  Blasphemy I know, but I promise to see it this coming weekend.  I find that the Mark III has all sort of bells and whistles that I’m pretty certain I would use.  Flight capabilities? Check.  On board navigation with heads up display? Check.  A complete arsenal? Check.  C’mon!  Who wouldn’t want this thing?  The aesthetics are quite nice too.  I would probably use this as my own personal plane so I wouldn’t have to deal with airports.  There’s just that pesky issue of luggage.

Dracula Musical (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Dear Jason Segel,
Please please please make this happen!  The whole idea behind the Dracula musical is simply genius and I would pay to see it. It’s getting kind of hard to believe things are going to get better…..unless the Dracula musical becomes a reality.  Seriously Jason, give me a call. I’d be more than happy to help make this a reality.

Seriously though, the Dracula musical is brilliant.  I know I’m not alone in this thought because one of my fellow HUGgers and I have had a lengthy discussion on how fantastic this could really be.

Like I said earlier, my complete list is just too long.  I’m sure there are things I’ve completely forgotten about too.  Help my memory will you and list the things you wish were real.  I’m positive you can think of something I’ve completely missed.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.