Tony KayeTony Kaye became well known in the 90s for his direction of some amazing adverts and music videos and, as is still common practise in Hollywood, he made the transition to the big screen soon after with his brutal take on Nazism in Los Angeles, American History X. 

Though the story of his exclusion from the editing process, and enmity for the finished film is well known, the fruits of Kaye’s labours were evident, and bountiful. Though he turned his back on Hollywood, he is making his return to films with Black Water Transit and two more films which he discusses in the video below.

If you’ve not seen American History X or his anti-abortion documentary Lake of Fire they are well worth seeking out as Kaye’s style is unrelenting and if his next two films, Steps and Zero Point, live up to the standard Kaye has set they’ll be two names to look out for next year.