The DVD/Blu-ray of Iron Man 2 hits US shops on the 28th of September and UK shops on the 25th of October. Ahead of that we have seen a few of the extras appear online but today we bring you an extra missing from either the US or UK release.

This wonderful extra is Tom Waits’ very illustrative theme song for Iron Man 2 which was sadly rejected.

Tom Waits, for those unfamiliar, is an very exceptional singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/painter/actor and is also very famous for his particularly distinct gravely voice.

Check out the video embedded below.

Okay, okay, so it’s not really a rejected Tom Waits theme but the work of Adam Buxton who jokingly describes it thusly:

Mysteriously absent from the Iron Man 2 DVD extras; this early attempt at a theme tune was rendered by legendary gravel voiced song barker, Tom Waits. Jon Favreau gave Tom the shoe of a tramp and a rusty euphonium for his trouble, so there was no bad feeling.