It’s always a huge pleasure to catch up with Tom Holland, and tonight at the European Premiere of James Gray’s The Lost City of Z we were able to get some time with one of Young Hollywood’s busiest stars. He appears alongside Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson in Gray’s film however our conversation on the red carpet did turn to his forthcoming appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming.

spider-man iron manWhile our full interview concentrated on his role in The Lost City of Z, we were able to ask the young actor about his emerging role as Peter Parker and his masked alias. His introductory turn in Captain America: Civil War was easily a highlight of the film for many, us included. However it was only when the first trailer for his solo outing arrived that fans had their chance to see what their beloved character would be like, now back in Marvel’s (and Kevin Fiege’s) hands.

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We were able to ask him about the strange nature of seeing himself on screen in his own solo Spider-Man film,

“Dude, I lost my mind…because it’s so strange to see Spider-Man and myself on the same screen. That still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Spider-Man Homecoming is a very important film for Marvel’s long term future, and the fan’s reactions could not have been more glowing. Holland was understandably proud to have been so accepted by the public. He explained,

“to see the trailer come out and have such a positive reaction was exactly what we needed, and we’re really proud and excited to show the fans.”

You can see our video of this section of the interview below, and check back on the site later for all of our premiere interviews with Tom and the cast of James Gray’s The Lost City of Z.