Those not familiar with BBC TV show, Top Gear, won’t know too much about their feature called ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’. Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most successuful programmes and attracts the likes of some of the biggest movie stars around.

The general idea is that they put a famous person in a crappy car (in this case a Kia C’eed) and have them race around the Top Gear track as fast as possible.

Usually, they have B list celebrities on the show but in the last few weeks, we’ve had Andy Garcia, Rupert Grint and today, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz appeared on the show to promote their new movie, Knight and Day which features multiple car and bike chases.

I found it thoroughly entertaining so I thought I’d share with you here!

First is the clip that features Cruise speaking on the Red Carpet about his appearance and below that is the footage from Top Gear itself. Enjoy!