To celebrate the release of Babyteeth, the award-winning coming-of-age dramedy that opens in UK cinemas this week, we sat down with co-star Toby Wallace to chat about the film and why it has hit such a chord across the globe so far.

When a seriously ill teenager, Milla (Eliza Scanlen) falls for a small-time drug dealer, Moses (Wallace) her parents (Ben Mendelsohn and Essie Davis) disapprove. However, she soon finds a new lust for life from her blossoming romance. Already critically-acclaimed after its festival debut last year, Babyteeth is a moving, powerful and raw drama about the joys of life and first loves and the pain and sorrow of death and Wallace tell us why he fell in love with the story and cast, the importance of embracing life and how the film had taken on a life of its own.

You can view the full interview below:

Babyteeth opens in UK cinemas on August 14th.