class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-44258″ title=”Timecop” src=”” alt=”” width=”184″ height=”274″ />Disney’s much anticipated relaunch of the Tron franchise appears not to have gone unnoticed over at Universal. According to What’s Playing the studio has, for the last four years no less, been racking its brains for a way to relaunch Timecop as a summer tentpole blockbuster – in 3D no doubt.

The original, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme in one of his most memorable roles, became a $100 million worldwide hit and launched both a short lived TV series and a straight-to-DVD sequel. With a premise that could be easily serialised and potential for a big star in the lead role, Timecop is certainly franchise material.

With JCVD allegedly interested in reprising the role, Universal is looking an another direction. After all, if he wasn’t asked back for the direct-to-DVD sequel, he is an unlikely candidate to helm a proposed summer blockbuster.

We should not have long to wait to find out, however, as the project – tentatively titles Timecop 2.0 – is expected to appear on the release calender within the next twelve to eighteen months. More as it comes in.