If this rumour has any pinch of truth about it then the movie gods are clearly smiling on us.

AICN set alight the touchpaper when they posted the rumour that Tim Burton is developing another remake of a Disney classic following his work on the much anticipated Alice In Wonderland.

This time Burton is lining up Sleeping Beauty, but as always with Burton – there’s a twist. The story would be told from the point of view of Maleficent, the glorious antagonist of the classic Disney film.

The hand of Tim Burton is evident in every image and trailer we’ve seen so far of the forthcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation. The familiar black and white stripes abound along with a decidedly playful take on the inhabitants of Wonderland and all point to Burton’s honing of his own particular take on the much loved tale. The opportunity to see Burton examine the dark heart of Sleeping Beauty is one too good to miss, even if it means production on Dark Shadows takes its place on the Burton back burner.

Disney seem to have come around to championing Burton and his ‘roadkill’ designs, and if they want to entrust their precious properties to him then I’ve no complaint.

Would you watch a Tim Burton directed Sleeping Beauty?