Fox are certainly doing their best to spread the word about their mock-historical supernatural monster movie with the first trailer and a rapid succession of images for Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and there are a few new videos out in the wild today to aid their cause.

While the similarly themed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lies broken and decaying at the gates of development Hell Seth Grahame-Smith’s other popular mix of fact and fiction is nearing release and if you’ve seen the first trailer then you’ll know that the ridiculous concept is taken very seriously, albeit with gravity defying violence and bloodsucker death by axe galore.

It’s still quite hard to judge how the concept will survive as a full length film, though its relatively easy to make a supernatural slasher film will the joke wear too thin, or is the serious tone the key to grabbing audiences by the hearts while their chuckles at the oddness of the idea fades?

Who knows. Well, Tim Burton probably knows, and he recorded this little intro for bloggers who saw some of the film last week. Then there’s a small BTS featurette which is nothing special but has a few interesting moments, and finally an international trailer which is almost identical to the first trailer we saw but with some more dialogue and a small peek at some of the other characters in the film.

Here’s the Tim Burton intro,

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The Behind the Scenes teaser thing,

and finally the International trailer with the miniscule extras,

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To get sourcey for a moment, Deadline and Coming Soon were responsible.