class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-47754″ title=”Joseph Kuklinski” src=”” alt=”” width=”189″ height=”142″ />An interesting tweet via Production Weekly has Michael Shannon, Benicio Del Toro and James Franco as possible choices for the lead in the film dramatisation of the life of notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski, entitled The Iceman.

Kuklinski’s story certainly looks like it has the potential to be a fascinating film. The six foot five inch, 300 pound mob enforcer’s “career” stretched from 1948 till 1986, and it’s claimed he murdered over 250 men while working for two prominent East coast crime families.

Michael Shannon and Benicio Del Toro seen like the most likely candidates here, given the size of Kuklinski (don’t forget Del Toro previously piled on the pounds for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), but maybe Franco (getting great buzz for Danny Boyle’s new film 127 Hours) could go all method too and radically change his appearance.

Israel-born filmmaker Ariel Vromen is on directing duties here, and we’ll keep you updated when we hear who finally manages to nab the role.