Following a violent assault Mark Hogancamp was left brain-damaged and with large portions of his memory missing. Struggling with physical and psychological scars from the attack Mark has become consumed by a fictional town of his own creation, called Marwencol.

The town of Marwencol is a 1/16 scale town set during WWII and is inhabited by characters drawn in part from Mark’s life. The town of Marwencol is an incredible creative feat and also an important part of Mark’s recovery.

I was very lucky to have recently seen Jeff Malmberg’s documentary Marwencol and found it beautiful and absolutely captivating. Mark and Marwencol are fascinating and Malmberg’s documentary is a wonderful look at this unique story.

Marwencol has been picked up for distribution in the US and Canada and will hopefully find its way to UK shores soon. You can find the official theatrical trailer and poster for the film embedded below.

You can also read an article online on Mark’s photography at Esopus Magazine and if you are in the New York area you can visit an exhibition that runs until the 28th of October.